Club Safety Rules

Crystal Palace Fun Runners Safety Rules 1. Safety is of the utmost importance to Crystal Palace Fun Runners and as a member you have agreed to abide by the Rules of the club. This includes the “Safety Rules” which are below. If you are unclear of any rule please contact a member of the Executive Committee. 2. These rules are to protect you as an individual and your fellow runners and to ensure that you gain maximum enjoyment every time you run with CPFR. Before running: i. Ensure that you are physically fit. If you feel unwell or are injured please assess whether or not you should be running with us until you feel fit enough. Always seek medical advice prior to re-starting/ starting running if you have been on any form of medication or suffered an injury. ii. Ensure that you wear the suitable clothing and footwear when joining us for a run. iii. Consider investing in a running bottle - if you are training for more than 30 minutes you may benefit by increasing your fluid levels as you run. During your run: 3. Choose a group that suits your running ability rather than your running need. When choosing a group to run with we ask that you consider both the distance and the pace in order to ensure that you get the best run for you. For example, if you cannot realistically maintain a constant pace of around 10 minute miles for a distance of up to 6 miles then you should not opt to run in the middle group on a Monday. 4. All groups will have a group leader, please listen to any instructions that they provide during your run and ensure that any problems are communicated to them. 5. The current groups are: Mondays Beginner group: 3 to 4 miles at 11 minute mile pace (run/walk) Middle group: 5 to 6 miles at 10 minute mile pace Fast group: 5 to 7 miles at 8 - 9 minute mile pace Wednesdays One group 6 to 8 miles at 8-10 minute mile pace Please note the above times and distances are approximates. 6. The slowest pace always dictates. One of the most important roles of CPFR is to ensure that no one is left to run on their own and no one gets lost. The Club offers the opportunity to run in a group as such we do not endorse runners who run off from their group or leave individuals behind. The group should ideally run at the pace of the slowest runner and under no circumstances should try to increase the pace through “running ahead”. 7. Immediately report any injury or feeling of being unwell to a fellow runner. If someone is injured or unwell it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure they receive prompt help and support. 8. Always run on public footpaths and pavements. If you have to run in the road try to keep the distance to a minimum and look out for your own safety as well as your fellow runners. 9. Always “shout” out oncoming obstacles, obstructions or dangerous situations. If you have to run out of the way of a hole, branch or the like, shout out a warning. A simple “branch” or “car” shouted out loudly acts as a clear warning to your fellow runners. 10. Re-group at regular intervals – this allows runners to catch their breath, report any injuries that they may feel and stops the group from spreading out too much. END OF YOUR RUN: 11. Always advise your group if you are going to “drop out” early to run home. 12. Always report any “missing” runners immediately. There may be a simple explanation, but it is better to be safe than sorry. 13. These rules are designed for everyone’s safety and the group leaders are volunteers who help out so that everyone can enjoy their run. 14. By adhering to the above rules and looking out for one another we can ensure that the Club’s responsibility to its members is met and that each of us are able to run knowing that safety is of the utmost importance to CPFR.
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