Crystal Palace Fun Runners was founded in 1981 to provide a fun and inclusive local friendly club for runners from beginners to experienced ultra runners. We are an England Athletics affiliated club. The club supports local charities by organising the annual Dinodash and members volunteer at the London Marathon and other running events. 

We aim to make it easy to start and develop the type of running that suits you. Whether you are young/old, male/female, looking for a way to get fit or if you’ve been running for years, you can fit straight in. We run in groups and each group will leave no one behind. You can start with a speedy walk, you can finish running at speed, doing a marathon or just jogging around the parks with good friends. The key is doing it together and at conversational pace. 

We run regular track and hill sessions on Monday nights. We keep the schedule up to date with details.

Once a month we also slow down for a social in a local pub. We have special events at Christmas, a summer barbecue and after the London Marathon. The point is that running not only makes you fit but provides an enjoyable way to exercise with a group of friends.


We meet Monday & Wednesday evenings at 6:55pm for a 7pm start on the gravel path to the right of Crystal Palace station exit.


All of our group runs are around 6 – 7 miles (approx 10km) in duration. See our list of summer and winter routes.

In general the slightly shorter runs are on a Monday and the longer runs on a Wednesday. 

Due to the track and hill sessions on a Monday evening, there is generally only a fast paced group run on Wednesday evenings.

We currently have the following pace groups:

Easy pace groups that run over 10 min/mile pace (6:30 min/km and over) and cater for run/walkers too.

Medium pace groups that run 8:30 min – 10 min/mile pace (5:15 min – 6:30 min/km) 

Fast pace groups that run 7:30 min – 8:30 min/mile pace (4:30 min – 5:15 min/km)

All groups re group on the run and no one is left behind.

We have group leaders who are certified Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRF) with England Athletics.