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Running is possibly the greatest way to get fit and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. It can also be great fun.

We aim to make it easy to start and develop into the type of running that suits you. Whether you are young/old, male/female or a bit overweight you can fit straight in. We run in groups and each group will leave no one behind. You can start with a speedy walk, you can finish running at speed, doing a marathon or just jogging around the parks with good friends.

The key is doing it together and at conversational pace. Distance slips by when you have someone to talk to. All you need to start are a pair of trainers. Don't worry, if you want more specialist gear someone can advise (and we discount at a local shop).

And once a month we slow down for a social in a local pub. We have special events at Christmas and after the London Marathon. The point is that running not only makes you fit but provides an enjoyable way to exercise with a group of friends.

Groups and Paces:

Mondays (Beginners Night):

Fast group: 8-9 minute mile pace 5 to 6 miles

Middle group: 10 minute mile pace 5 miles

Easy Pace group: conversational pace

All groups are out for about an hour and re group on the run.


Fast / Middle group: 8- 10 minute mile pace 6 to 8 miles (as per schedule). Normally out for an hour to an hour and twenty minutes with re-groups.

Easy Pace group: Easy Pace group are free to meet up for an unofficial run on Wednesday nights, preferably pre-arranged on a Monday night or on facebook. Route and distance to be decided by that group. Please note that there will not be group leaders an for Easy Pace group on a Wednesday night.

We have 9 group leaders who are certified Leaders in Running Fitness (LiRF) with England Athletics:

Adam Daly Gourdialsing

Ameet Patel

Bob Broadley

Carol Hayes

Lucia Minto

Lynne Drummond

Mike Woodward

Peter Killip

Sharon Martin

England Athletics Affiliated Club

England Athletics Affiliated Club

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